Sidr Honey

one of the most rare and expensive kinds of honey ,as it Contains fatty acids, Rich in minerals and vitamins and treats all diseases of the liver , very useful specially Hepatitis C treatment, Contains vitamin K which gives it the ability to prevent the bleeding occurrence, Maintain alkalinity of blood, work as the same as the antibiotics helps to strengthen the bladder , It is the most important treatment for the elimination of eczema, herpes and psoriasis,

Sidr Honey

Cotton Honey

Cotton honey helps to treat the problems of prostate enlargement and tumors in men that appear with age , Contains a good proportion of calcium, which helps the growth of bone and increase its density in young children , quiets The backbone pain , Rheumatoid arthritis and swelling, benefit Athletes in building muscles, strengthening body structure and resisting fatigue and muscle stress problems , Improves the efficiency of the heart, and prevents the incidence of strokes and blockages of the arteries.

Banana honey

Bees feeds on banana trees nectar producing this honey rather the benefits of banana it is used to Prevent anemia , Improve the health of the digestive system and protect it from various problems or disorders for children’s The most important: diarrhea , It also protects them from the problem of malnutrition , Preserves the health of pregnant women, Treatment of gall bladder infections. Open appetite, increase the desire to eat more food during the day and therefore its advised for those who suffer from excessive thinness, and those who want to increase their weight by eating it.

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Black seed

Black seed Honey

Comes from The nectar of the flower of the black-seed , may provide a weapon against liver disease and reduces the viability of liver cancer cells , It activates blood circulation and works to increase immunity, strengthen the nerves , very Useful in the treatment of cough and bronchitis, Activates pancreatic secretions ,saves blood sugar ratio, strengthens the heart muscle, It gives the skin a severe softness that prevents the formation of wrinkles, whether by external use or internal treatment

Marjoram Honey

Bees that feeds basically on the nectar marjoram plant ,gives us Marjoram honey that acting alone as relaxing remedy , Works on thyroid activity therefore it Treats nervous anxiety and stress reduction, including flavonoids that increases tranquility , Treatment of hypertension problems , more efficient than the green tea Especially for those who want to get rid of obesity and fatness , It protects against cirrhosis, Reduces the risk of stroke, classified as a hormonal agent


Orange Blossom Honey

Orange Blossom honey may be a single variety, but often it is a combination of citrus floral sources from Orange, Tangerine and nearby Grapefruit or even Lime and Lemon trees. Used in Treatment of anemia , Improves the production of red blood cells And increases the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood , Improves gastrointestinal performance and acidity treatment , prevent Intestinal colic for children , Treatment of gingivitis, throat, tonsils and asthma , improves the work of the immune system especially colds and flu , Helps cure night insomnia , Helps to accelerate the growth of the child’s teeth without feeling annoying symptoms

Clover Honey

The most common type of honey produced in Egypt  clover honey is made by bees that feed mainly on the nectar of the clover plant Diuretic and treatsheart burn , Intestinal and stomach pain , expands Bronchitis , Very useful for children , treats some children diseases such as “Vomiting, diarrhea and urination “ , Maintains blood glucose level , The best types of honey used to strengthen the muscles of the stomach , cure sickness of pancreas gland , Promotes blood circulation , Strengthens muscles, especially abdominal muscles as it contains many rich nutrients, especially iron.