honey cake hd

Honey is made by collecting bees for nectar and storing it in cells. It is then exposed to some intracellular processes to produce honey.

Honey is characterized by its complex composition, which varies according to the type of flowers collected from the nectar, but can be said to consist mainly of fructose and glucose, It also contains a little fructose polysaccharide Fructooligosaccharides), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, in addition to many flavonoid compounds, phenolic compounds, ascorbic acid, and many other compounds that possess antioxidant effects.

Humans have used honey 8000 years ago, and some of the drawings dating back to the Stone Age have been found. These drawings illustrate the uses of honey at the time. Honey has been used for ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. Wounds and bowel disease, possibly due to its multiple antioxidant properties, infections, and bacteria.

Ingredients of the honey cake

Five eggs.
Cup and a half of coarse sugar.
Five tablespoons of honey.
One hundred and fifty grams of butter.
Two teaspoons of soda bicarbonate.
Kg of entrained flour.
Ingredients of the honey cake  cream are

three cups of milk.
A cup and a half of sugar.

Three tablespoons of flour.
Two tablespoons of flannel.

One hundred and fifty grams of butter.

How to prepare your cake:

Place the flour, milk, and coarse sugar in the saucepan, stir the fire under it, and stir the ingredients continuously until the mixture becomes thick as the pudding. Put the mixture aside to cool a little, then add the vanilla, butter to the mixture, stir the ingredients together, and leave it aside.

How to prepare the dough:


Place all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the flour, and mix them together, and then put this container in a pot of boiled water for the work of a water bath and continue to move the ingredients together for fifteen minutes so that the eggs do not mature, you will notice that the mixture has taken the golden color The maturity of the dough is steamed.
Remove the bowl from the steam, add to the mixture the amount of flour, and stir them together, so that you have a paste that does not stick to your hand. Take the dough and part it into five pieces, then cover it.
Bring in a square tray, add it to the outside of the tray, and then bring the first part of the dough. Spread it on the back of the tray using the shobak, and the Chinese should be warm to make it easier for the dough to be made.
Put the dough in a 200 ° C oven until the dough is browned, remove the baked dough tray from the oven, and use a large knife. Remove the sides and the knife between the dough and the tray so the cake can not stick to the tray.
Pour the previous step with the remaining parts, one by one, so that you have five slices baked.
Return the sides that you extracted from the dough to the oven so that it turns red, then fry it and make it as a quiche flour, and keep it aside.
Put in the first layer of the dish and above it a generous amount of cream, and repeat it so that the amount of your cream is divided between the layers evenly.
Zini cake dough powder dough, which I prepared previously. Allow the dough for at least six hours, then cut it, and place it in serving dishes.