Organic acids

There are a few organic acids in the honey like (Acetic - Putyric - Tannic) Read More


Honey contains antiviral substance Interferon and honey is the only natural material containing these divine prevention , also honey contain Hibin, a deadly substance for microbes and fungi, which resist moldiness and prevents the growth of germs Read More


It has been scientifically proven that honey contains a plant hormone and a kind of sex hormones of estrogen derivatives and substances that are related to the reproductive system in male and female as well as important aromatic compounds for human health and vitality Read More

Fatty substances

One of the energy sources needed by the body and there are few amounts of fatty substances in honey such as (glycerol - phospholipids) Read More


Honey contains a wide variety of vitamins such as  ( A - B - C - D - E - K - J), but the quantities are few, a few years ago become possible to separate the substance of Acetylcholine from honey which is one of utmost importance in the nervous system integrity especially neural-muscular compatibility and quick reaction. Also it was recently discovered that honey contains enough Prostaglandin, which is very important for the vitality of all cells in the human body Read More

Mineral salts

Have a main role in the formation of bones, muscles and fluids of blood cells ,they are  important to achieve the safety of the functions of endocrine , Honey is among the richest natural sources of mineral salts, especially (sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon, sulfur, magnesium and iron), As well as rare elements such as (chrome - lithium - bazium) Read More


proteins with complex substances that interact with the biological interactions in the body from destruction and building according to the specialty of each enzyme, but all enzymes contribute to the metabolism process of the body and therefore some scientists attribute a number of health characteristics of honey to its contents source in nectar and bee secretions specially(salivary glands secretions) Read More

Proteins and amino acids

The body needs it to build cells and provide the body energy also,  in honey there is  appropriate amount of quick digestion and absorption proteins such as (Albumin - Globulin) and many of the amino acids (such as Lethin, Arginine and Histidine). Read More

Sugary substances

It's main function is to provide the body with energy and its proportion in honey 75: 79%, mostly unilateral sugars (Reducible) , rather bilateral sugars (Not reducible ) and a number of trilateral sugars and a ratio of dextrin, the amount of energy in honey is about 1.2 million joules / 100 g (12% of the body required of energy average per day) Read More