Honey Home

at the heart of our company. Today, Honey Home continues to be family business since 60-year tradition that has helped the family grow their honeybee advocacy and preserve bee culture for future generations. for what we do and the core values that govern how we conduct ourselves push us to be at the forefront of quality, safety and traceability in the industry.

What We Do

At Honey Home, our focus goes beyond honey production. We’re on a mission to safeguard and sustain honeybees, for the livelihood of beekind and humankind alike.

Our Mission

We work to ensure a thriving and sustainable beekeeping industry in Honey Home. To this end, we advocate for beekeepers’ interests, support honey bee health research and deliver practical training and information.

Our Vission

In our vision, Honey Home leads with well-informed and skilled beekeepers, healthy and plentiful honeybees raised in egypt, a prosperous beekeeping industry as well as a widespread appreciation for honey and for the critical role that honey bees play in agriculture.

Our Value

Certain ideas form the character of our company. We believe that it is our core purpose to serve God and our country and to cooperate with our colleagues in the profession with all resources entrusted to us by God, Expansion our territory of influence through wise stewardship and employees management. This core purpose has given us a set of timeless, guiding principles: