About Honey

ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTION .It’s really quite simple. There are no added preservatives. No added flavorings. No added coloring

Honey is useful for intellectual activities to contain phosphorus

Honey is useful in the prevention of rickets and bowing legs and tooth decay and it is recommended to add a teaspoon of it daily to the child’s food since the fourth month of age

It is advisable to eat honey before the meal directly because it activates the secretions of the stomach and therefore it is a suitable food for those who complain of lack of acidity in the digestive juices

Did you know that the bacteria die in honey (Typhus bacteria die after 10 hours – Typhoid after 24 hours – Typhus 48 hours – Pneumonia bacteria on the fourth day)

Honey is included in the industry of many modern medicines like (cough – chest and skin infections – gum infections – gargling fluids – shampoos – cosmetics)